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Isn’t it so?

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Finishing high school education is probably the best feelings ever. On that very last day of school you get to do almost anything. You get to burn your note books and all the papers, we called it academic bonfire. You’d ink your school uniform with varied graphics displays from signatures to funny cartoon drawings and, the generous part, the part where you get to give handouts to the junior students. Of cause you were saying goodbye to lousy morning calls for dawn studies. Stuff you no longer needed. Bid good reddens to the crappy food. The food was always crappy, the beans with weevils swimming in it, oh and the white porridge. The porridge was quite good, if I do say so myself. After some cocoa and margarine additive…heaven!

But that wasn’t all. See the real excitement was the road ahead. I remember we would sit down a tree on Sundays and imagine how life after would be. We fantasized about being together in one place just being troublesome and looking cool while at it. But that didn’t come to pass. College!. I don’t know about you but back in high school, teachers made it sound like some ultimate utopia. The freedom, the wear-whatever-you-want policy, the no early morning assemblies and the pitch was always the girls. The smart, beautiful girls of college. Once a teacher got fed up and yelled “stop wasting time with this small time girls at the fence, there are beautiful, intelligent girls waiting for you in college.” The ‘waiting for you’ part won us, most of us anyway. I got to university and boy were those teachers exaggerating. But what the fun in telling the plain truth right?

The first semesters are always the best. You are so focus, so determined and you are ready to take on the world and anybody else in your way. It’s the only time you will attend all lectures and even the make up or extra classes. The only time you will have three pens, the blue one, the red for writing headings and black for answers. You’d take notes so keenly and even go to the library for further research. You goal is to get a well-paying job, probably a 6 figure salary, a posh car, maybe a Porsche 911 turbo S, a good big house and the girl. You are so obedient and self-conscience this time, you don’t indulge in any other activity threatening your studies. Hell you even have a personal timetable for personal studies. Like I said, the best moments.

But with time comes change and nobody really likes change. Except for a second year student. The second semester you realize that you are ‘alive’. You want to taste the limits of your freedom. You make new friends. Join new circles, drop your first year pals and such like. You want to go out to every event in town. You want the latest fashion, the new kicks in town. Basically you forget about your ambition and focus on yourself, you forget the books. This is usually the part where you quote the “You Only Live Once” phrase and convince yourself that everyone is doing it. By the end of semester, you know everyone who is anyone. You’ve had like 10 girlfriends and maybe if you’re lucky enough to not get some sickness or pregnancy. You barely pass and move to the third year.

Now third year is the year of claiming ground. There is school politics, you want to join in. Every activity that brings out the authority and dominance in school you will find a third year in. Of cause this comes with pressure. You also have to convince everyone of your academic dominance. So if you can’t cheat well then you have to study. Thus comes the stress. Most people defer the semester at third year out of fear. They realize they have not learnt a thing and time isn’t friendly. You will find yourself very active with matters lecture. When a lecturer is absent you want to fire the whole school. Third years complain about everything. Your famous phrase here would probably be “we pay a lot of money and we are not taught.”

The last semester is a tricky one. You suddenly realize that you are almost done. You are soon graduate and venture into the real world. Most people panic, for a minute then say something like “am not alone anyway” that would calm things for them till they realize that they are actually alone. At fourth, you will probably want to pass highly at whatever cost. You know what I mean. You will pay for your project to be done, the research reports and all. You have no time at fourth. You are either juggling some job and your studies –because mama isn’t gone house a grown-up no more – or job hunting and studying.

It’s tough out here…


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