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Long before civilization, men with great authority and much depth in knowledge had already began talking about success and the works. Dating far into the chivalric era, the likes of Niccolo Machiavelli had already mastered the skill and began the decryption process for the rest. They say success is a function of one’s servanthood to others. In other words, successful people tend to strive in helping others more, it’s also a reward of hard work and many other impeccable attributes. But you already knew that, didn’t you? So I’m not going to talk about that. I’m going to tell you about me.

At age six we had to move due of unforeseeable alterations to life as I had come to know it. This meant a lot of things. First and probably the worst, I was to start on a new school. There’s no fun in being the new kid in school. I remember I cried stupidly as I was left behind in that strange place with all those strange people. I couldn’t take it. Situations made me abandon all my friend in another dimension and had to somehow make new ones here. Now that’s hard, even for grown-ups. I was in a new environment, in a new school and somehow normalcy denied me acquaintance. It was hard and overwhelming. This of cause impacted negatively in my performance, both academic and social. I became THAT kid.

In my class, we were always grouped according to previous academic performance and George had the first seat next to the teacher. I was fourth in front of the last person in the last row. Being brown in complexion and with a big nose I kind of stood out and somehow the teacher would point at me to answer only the difficult questions. Which, without disappointing, I always got wrong. It was as if she engineered, planned and executed my misery of a life. I ended up hating her. You don’t want to hate your teacher for whatever reason no matter how valid, because that won’t work in your favor. She got transferred.

Then one day a new teacher walked in. she was always flamboyantly dressed and had a warm smile. She didn’t know me, this was the perfect start over moment for me. It was like the heavens were working for me once again. I strived to impress my new teacher so much but you know, this things take time. I almost gave up and even thought at one point to claim comfort in my situation. I was hopeless.

In an English class, couple of days after I made a resolve to give up, she asked a question and the whole class didn’t know the answer. I wasn’t concentrating so didn’t even hear the question. “Yes, Bildad…” she called. I was so confused and she knew it, so she repeated the question. I didn’t want to look even more of a nitwit than I was so I mumbled something (I don’t remember what but I know I was so bloody wrong). She smiled, paused for a second and called me bright. Déjà vu right? But I’m no Ben Carson so relax.

She then made the whole class clap for me (they didn’t want to). She told us the correct answer and the class went on as usual. But not me, not my life. My spirit had changed in that instance. Everybody noticed me that day, even May talked to me that day (I still don’t know why). Long story short, on the next class arrangement, I was sitting on the first row directly behind George with two pupils in front of me.

The end.

So what happened? I’ll tell you what, Madam Faith happened. Her simple gesture made me overcome my shit. Her move to make the class appreciate me for being wrong made me want to be right henceforth. I looked forward to impress her and at least get a compliment from her. This of cause made me read more and with that my performance improved. Suddenly I was among the best pupils and that made sense. She made me. I’ve not seen her since primary three. I doubt I will. But God Bless you Ma’am.

Success might be all that you’ve heard and read or even more, but you need someone to achieve it. You always do. There’s this song that goes, no man is an island…no man stands alone… it speaks. See everybody has someone out there, a benefactor of some sought. Someone to either put them in the right path or hold their hand all the way. Mine back then was madam Faith. She made me embrace books and love it. Your greatness is tied to someone else out there, and it’s your duty to find them.

Without Merlin to forge the Excalibur for the great King Arthur, we wouldn’t have known about him. He would have just been one king who lived.

Without John Piermont Morgan to fund Thomas Edison’s project I doubt very much we would be where we are now.

Without Goliath to slay, David would be just another short person herding his father’s flock.

Some people are lucky to have their ‘someone’ double up as their life partners. Hence the say, behind every successful man theirs a woman. That’s why the first man was made for a companion.

Then here’s the twist. You are also someone’s someone in this big universe. You have a duty (I believe) to assist someone in their path of success. It might be a word you have to say to them, maybe a smile or just few coins. So you can be as stoic as you so desire but truth is there is no fun in that. You need help, everyone does so go out there, get yourself helped and in return carry it forward. The world would be a better place.

Incase all this is confusing, here’s a summary: – you cannot succeed alone, you shouldn’t brook with failure, you shouldn’t deny others help.




4 thoughts on “Benefactor

  1. True. We are all benefactors to some people and we are all beneficiaries.

    It might that pat you give to that kid selling sweets in the streets. It might be the helping that mama who has kids carry her suitcase from Country bus to Tomoya street. Or creating sitting space in the bus for that kid whose mum cannot afford to pay a seat for while travelling to Nakuru.

    Do good. Go your way

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  2. Everybody somehow needs somebody. It reminds me of what Michelle Obama said, “When you walk through that open door of opportunity, don’t slam it shut behind you, you hold it open”.

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